SCADA / Systems Integration

Haynes Pump and Process Company provides Complete Systems Integration Services including design, fabrication, programming, testing and startup.


Our control panel designs incorporate a full range of plant and remote systems. Our design staff is able to accommodate any water/wastewater process, including the flexibility to design panels around pre-engineered systems.

Our design experience includes:

Plant PLC Panels
Integration of individually monitored and controlled plant equipment into a central automated system.

Equipment Control Panels
Panels for integration with supplier equipment such as Clarifiers, Blowers, Bar Screens, Aeration Systems, Digester Systems and more.

Pump and Lift Station Panels
Full line of starter or VFD based manual and automated station panels.

Remote Telemetry Systems
Complete services for licensed and unlicensed spread-spectrum radio telemetry, as well as cellular.

SCADA Computer Systems
Computer based Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition that can provide complete system-wide monitoring and control from a single computer workstation. Includes data logging and reporting of all system components. Alarming capabilities include ability to notify operators via voice phone call, text message or email.


Haynes Pump and Process Company maintains a UL508A panel fabrication shop. We are able to fabricate our full line of panel designs in house. This provides greater flexibility to meet customer specifications and schedules while, at the same time, maintaining a higher standard of quality.


With over 50 years of experience working with water and wastewater industry our programming staff is able to provide all PLC and SCADA programming services. Our programmers are familiar with a wide range of PLC and SCADA software packages. More importantly our programmers have hands-on experience with the equipment and plant operations and use that knowledge to provide a system that puts the plant equipment to its most effective use.

Testing and Startup

Prior to placing any system into service Haynes Pump and Process performs a complete operational test. Our testing includes control panel inspection, 100% testing of all wired I/O, and 100% testing of operational functions. At the completion of testing we certify that the system is ready for continuous operation and provide complete warranty.

Chemical Feed Equipment

We represent the industry’s top chemical feed pump manufacturers.  Haynes Pump and Process Company can provide standard chemical feed dosing systems through these manufacturers.  In addition we are able to fabricate fully custom designs for a variety of chemical dosing applications.  This provides greater flexibility to meet customer specifications and schedule while maintaining a higher standard of quality.